Tips on Producing the Best Marketing Video for your Company

Creating marketing video for your company is the most cost effective strategy to boost sales and makes a lasting impression to prospects, business partners and in media. It is an easy tool to get your business out there. Using video to market the products and services offered by your company is a marketing strategy that can easily reach a broad spectrum of public consciousness because it can easily be shared in social media.

The only downside in making a video is that you or somebody from your company needs to do it. If none of you is a skilled video producer, then there are professional video production company out there who can do most of the job for you.

Should you decide to make a video marketing for your company anyway, here are some few helpful tips:

1. Showcase your company’s personality.

Ask yourself how you want the audience to remember the company. Is your company fun, wholesome, formal, relaxed, or what? What makes your company stand out from the rest of the crowd? What is something special about it? If you can answer these questions in the video in a more personal and memorable manner, the better.

2. Explain what you can offer.

You know what services you can offer. You know your products. Now it is time to put what you know about your products and services in a one-and-half video. Be clear when you deliver the message. Be concise; only involve the most important facts. Too many words in a short advertisement can turn off some viewers. Replace most of the words with visuals. Find out if there is a visual equivalent of the things that you want to say. Don’t say too much or too little.

3. Make the video interesting.

Even if your video is very short, not a lot will watch it in its entirety if it is boring. If it doesn’t catch the viewer’s interest within the first 10 seconds, it will have fewer views and therefore ineffective. Always consider what will its value to the audience. Will they learn something from it? Does it solve a problem? Does it give them information how to avail of discounts? In other words, it should leave something for the audience to talk about. This will make the video memorable and relevant.

4. After creating the video, use it as a marketing tool.

Promote it. Share it on your company website. Upload it on YouTube. Link it to your social media accounts. Ask your staff to do it as well. Ask your family and friends to do you a favor and share the video to their own accounts as well. This is the best way to get the word of mouth about your company in a faster and more effective way.